Arthur Becker Invests In The Real Estate And Technology Industries

Arthur Becker posits that strategy has to be in tandem with the business vertical. In a wide context, talent is the main driver of success. To this end, the trick to success is to identify the talent and persuade talented individuals to identify with a given vision or business. Recently, Arthur was interviewed by Ideamensch where he discussed several subjects regarding his career and factors that motivates him every day.

Becker noted that he engaged in the real estate and technology industries during his tenure at both NaviSite and ZINIO. After Time Warner acquired NaviSite, he decided to venture into the real estate industry. Arthur invested in a condominium development in Miami, and New York City. He has also been exposed to some early stage bio tech firms, which have fascinated him with the changing paradigms in the industry. The combination of a significant potential to impact people’s lives and economic opportunities have been integral to his interest in the industry.

Over the years, several trends in the bio tech industry, particularly in cancer treatment, have triggered his interest in the field. Although he does not have a medical background, he has been exposed to different technologies that have helped him to invest in the technology sector.

He points out that his days are flexible because he does not run businesses that have scheduled meetings and conference calls. Presently, he is on the final stages of finishing some Town Houses on Sullivan Street, New York. He is also preparing to develop a luxury residential condominium in Tribeca.

About Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker serves as the managing member at Madison Partners, LLC. The investment company has invested in the real estate and Bio Tech sectors. Formerly, he served as the chairman and chief executive officer of Zinio LLC, the leading newsstand worldwide.

Previously, Becker was the chief executive officer of NaviSite. The NASDAQ quoted firm provided hosting, collocation, and internet technology services to businesses in the United States and UK. It had offices in the US, UK, and India. In addition, NaviSite offered data center hosting along with cloud-based application management. Its solutions benefited the enterprise market. Moreover, Arthur served as a senior advisor to Wang fashion firm for seven years. More details can be found on

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