Jason Hope Seeks Fountain of Youth

Jason hope is Arizona’s most famous internet on entrepreneur. Recently, he has made a large donation to the SENS foundation, a nationally recognized organization specializing in the research of medical conditions that may affect long-term aging.

Hope has long been fascinated with the prospect that modern medicine may someday be able to stanch or even stop aging altogether. Jason Hope figured that, through his donation, he could kill two birds with one stone. Always staying abreast of the current trends in medical research, Hope knew that not only is atherosclerosis the deadliest killer in the United States today, it is also widely believed to be closely related to the chief causes of age-related degenerative illnesses and read full article.

Hope views research into the molecular processes which underlie arthrosclerotic disease to be one of the most fundamentally important areas of pure research in medicine today. Hope says that modern medicine can figure out the the workings of arthrosclerotic disease at the most fundamental molecular level, it will soon be able to resolve such age-related conditions as arthritis, wrinkling skin, glaucoma and even vascular disease, which many physicians view as being related to the progressive organ dysfunction often seen in the geriatric population and Jason’s Youtube.

For its part, the SENS Foundation was very grateful for Hope’s large donation. In a statement, the head of the foundation stated that Hope’s sizable donation will fund four full-time researchers for an entire year. This represents a major contribution to the field of atheroslcerosis research and, hopefully, to finding a cure for the America’s number one killer, heart disease.

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