Mike Baur’s Contribution to Digital Future

As a teenager in Fribourg, Switzerland’s Mike Baur had a well-known passion for banking and finance. It, therefore, was not a surprise when he enrolled for a degree in the same and later joined the banking industry in which he worked for twenty years. After what he terms as a ‘fun’ career he then quit investing in companies. Mike Baur, at only 39, then charted an unconventional path to do something that was more in sync with his entrepreneurial spirit. He started a company with two other people.


Essentials About Swiss Start-up Factory

Swiss Startup Factory came into being in 2014, driven by the ambition to create global companies that disrupt the existing norms. Their products and business models are equally superb. Swiss Start-up Factory is now the number one ICT startup accelerator in Switzerland. The company aims at mentoring and supporting thriving digital entrepreneurs through a three-month accelerator program. During this time the entrepreneurs are given advice on business essentials like product development, marketing, and financial management. The company uses its global networks on behalf of participants. The incubation center was called a factory for two excellent reasons: one, because it was meant to manufacture new companies, and two because the target group of young people would have to work very hard. Mike Baur attributed the immense success of his business to the fact that the founders are fully invested and that the company is free from politics and outside influences.


Baur’s Immense Belief in the Youth

Mike Baur truly believes in hard work. He is fully committed to ensuring the success of the youths in business. However, he says there is a culture of laziness among young people. Thriving goes a long way in taking one’s energy and time. Thankfully, it is rewarding and therefore worth pursuing. Mike Baur applies himself both financially and professionally. He is benevolent, and his role in the company is fundraising and financing.


Things you Might Need to Understand Concerning Swiss Startup Association

Mike Baur is co-founder and director of Swiss Startup Association. The foundation was founded in 2015 with the aim of lobbying for startups. They also sought to provide for a founder friendly environment for startups to thrive regarding legal, regulatory and duty requirements. You cannot also forget about their efforts in social and political awareness of Switzerland startup ecosystem. As it is, Mike and Swiss Startup Association are the voice of startups.

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