The New Richard Mishaan Design for a Grand Salon Leaves Everybody Astounded

Have you ever seen those amazing interior settings that you see in advertisements, real estate pamphlets and elite apartment pictures? Those are all done by experienced and well-versed interior designers, and it is their job to find furniture, wallpapers, and colors that match a particular style and make the room feel incredibly unique in some way or another.



Sometimes, the design is made to make the room feel modern and technologic, or other times it is created and designed specifically to create a relaxed and high-class atmosphere. In the case of the newest interior design of the specialist and interior professional Richard Mishaan, a leading architect in New York was created specifically to give a rich, classic and highly luxurious look. The design was made for Kip’s Bay Boys & Girls Club Decorator Show House’s grand salon.



Rich people have unusual tastes, and Richard Mishaan Design can meet all of the possible flavors that his clients come seeking him for. With antique furniture and decoration, dark wood table, black couches, curtains of old schemes, everything was set to give the inspiration of a highly influential personality in the most eccentric theme possible. He wanted to aim for an attic feel of the highly ambitious decorations of France, Rome, Florence, Venice, Budapest, and other European styles were captured in his style.



Having written the highly recommended book “Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern,” Richard Mishaan is a professional that every aspiring architect or interior designer should learn the story and his career. In the book, he doesn’t only explain some of his most valuable advice for young artists and a few tips on starting their careers in the field, but he also shares a bit of his story and the mistakes that he made during his life.



The design of the grand salon was definitely one of the best works of Richard Mishaan Design, and he believes that he surpassed his own capabilities. Utilizing silk in excess, a roof with square shapes, tapestry of large proportions and the oldest type, and a chandelier, pending from the ceiling, and giving the whole room the atmosphere of walking into a XIII century house of a very powerful family.



The interior designed was able to capture with accuracy the eclecticism present in those old room designs. With fabric and furniture of odd choices and pigmentation, and frames hanging from the walls in every corner of the chamber, it doesn’t matter who comes in; the individual becomes astonished with what Richard Mishaan was able to accomplish.



According to the expert, his secret lies in traveling and meeting all kinds of unusual designs just by visiting the museums and the historical buildings of those locations. Heritage is the most important trait to look for when an interior designer wants to transcend typical styles and wants to think outside the box, says Richard Mishaan in an interview about the new room he created. Because an architect is also an artist, one has to look for inspiration and other means of diversity to stand out from the rest of the traditional interior rooms.

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