Jim Tananbaum is the founder and CEO of Foresite Capital- a company that has made outstanding investments in health care companies. His net worth in assets is approximately $1.1 billion. Before starting Foresite Capital, Jim Tananbaum co-jointly owned two prominent biopharmaceutical companies and two healthcare investment set up’s. Jim has knowledge in many fields including clinical immunology, clinical pharmacology and genetic epidemiology.

Initially, Jim was one of the partner’s at Sierra Ventures and helped in establishing its health care investment services. Inspiringly, Tananbaum made it to Forbes Midas list (2017) where he came number 52. He lists as one of the top tech investors for the third year in a row. He has been known for taking great calculated risks in his investments and ventures while giving his stakeholders and patients value for his investments, products and services. Foresite Capital aims to deliver superb products and services across all spectrums in public and private care. His company is based in San Francisco with an office in New York.

$14 million funding to Mindstrong Health

In addition to that, Foresite Capital and other companies recently donated $14 million to Mindstrong Health- a company that is researching mental health disorders using smart phones. The smart phone measures mental health performance through brain activity. The smartphone uses bio markers and it includes speed, memory and executive function. Tananbaum was particularly impressed with the innovative platform which would modernize health care and revolutionize mental health treatment.

Buying and Selling of Pharmaceutical Companies

According to INC42, since its startup in 2011, Foresite Capital has taken many risks in companies that make transformational products in medical technology. Tananbaum insists that medical science is becoming better gradually and that the investments made are making lives easier and at a lower cost both to the companies and the people they treat. Tananbaum is also a big follower of cancer research and treatment. He has shares in many companies in America such as Aimmune Therapeutics and Tarsa Therapeutics. Check out Ideamensch for the details.

Jim Tananbaum’s Education Background

Tananbaum studied a Master of Science Degree in Information Theory at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Upon completion, he went on to study a Degree is Medicine from Havard Medical school (1989). Thereafter, he studied an MBA at Havard Business School finishing in 1991.

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