Rocketship Education Aims For A Learning Revolution

Quality education should be given to every child, regardless of the financial standings of the parents. So many different educational facilities feed prospective parents and students this line that it’s shocking how few of them deliver on it. The school system in America is a mess; it’s a fact too many take solemnly as a reality of life. The idea that the children of the wealthy have exclusive rights to excellent education is one ingrained in the minds of parents all over the country. Rocketship Education is one of the institutions that aren’t willing to sit idly without taking action of their own.

Rocketship’s efforts, having opened 25 high performing schools for low-income students, are from being in vain. The school aims to put low-income students on the path to collegiate success, starting in the early stages of learning development. Moreover, they have been doing so since 2007. The results are tangible as well; every month a child attends a Rocketship Education charter school adds effectively adds one month of learning.

Rocketship isn’t alone in its mission either. Some of the biggest names in philanthropy are throwing their hats in with the charter program. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings donated a staggering a 100 million dollars to charter programs. Mark Zuckerburg and Priscilla Chan have also backed the charter school movement with massive monetary endowments. If nothing else, this adds validity and credibility to Rocketship and charter schools as a whole. Rocketship aims to use this support to create an education movement; one wherein the achievement gap between children of different incomes can be eliminated.

Seeking to create far more than a sterile schooling environment, Rocketship has cultivated a massive web for individuals passionate about children’s education. The infrastructure is designed to unite talented teachers, expert management, and determined parents in a way that creates the best possible environment for all children, regardless of wealth or background. The charter school movement is one that will take American education by storm, and Rocketship Education is at the forefront of the revolution in some huge ways.


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