The Growth of Goettl Air Conditioning and Sadie The Dog

The Growth of Goettl Air Conditioning and Sadie The Dog.

Goettl Air Conditioning has for several decades served the industry with superior products backed up by equally good technical and customer support. The company started in 1939 by Gust and Adam Goettl has stood out in a field characterized by rapid technological changes. Goettl is among the industry leaders and takes pride in contiguously training its workforce to match industry standards.

Over the years, the company has undergone transformational changes as it adjusts to the market needs of the day. One of its recent highlights is the acquisition California based HVAC Company Walton’s Heating and Air.

This is a step towards Goettl’s effort to tap into the Californian market and expand its branches. Goettl has branches in Phoenix, Tucson, and Las Vegas.

The deal to acquire Walton’s was done in partnership with Longbrake, another promising player in the competitive industry. According to an article that first appeared on the Phoenix Business Journal, both companies now take pride in a team that is more versatile, noting that they have “grown tenfold.” since they came together.

This acquisition will also see an increase in Goettl’s employees. From the current 306, it is expected that more than 200 jobs will be created particularly in Tucson and Phoenix

Ken Goodrich, President, and CEO of Goettl explains his goal as to become the market leader in each of the markets they operate, explaining that his focus on employees places him in good prospects to achieve this.

The deal to acquire Walton’s was sealed way back in 2015 but the final process of handing over has been done with caution and necessary care, hence the delay.

By placing the customer at the top, Goettl endeavors to be integrated seamlessly with the community they serve. One of their key concerns is customer protection, for which a six Step Customer Protection process to assist customers to make decisions easily, has been outlined. Among these is an all-inclusive quote, and a guarantee that customers wouldn’t be charged an extra dime if the work takes longer than expected.

Among key values that Goettl seeks to enhance are reliability and quality work. Given that the company was built on the innovative culture of its founders, it has continued to experiment with what works best, to give the highest quality standards and quality services

It is clear that Goettl has positioned itself strategically for growth and to impact the industry positively.

On a light note, the contribution of Sadie, Ken Goodrich’s dog who helps him verify employee’s trustworthiness has had an input in Goettl’s growth.

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