Anthony Petrello’s Life: An Exemplar of Hard Work, Passion and Humanity

The story of Anthony Petrello is not the ordinally American success stories of rapid luck and fortune. The chief executive officer of Nabor Industries ltd., which is reputed as the largest in the geothermal and natural gas sector company, is a man full of intellect, ambition, diligence and passion from a humble beginning. The chairman is an Ivy school graduate from Harvard University and Yale University. He studied with limited resources in his early school days since his parents were ordinally laymen.

This intellectual background coupled with a desire for success has enabled him holds various positions in the company before eventually becoming its chief executive officer. He, however, began his professional career earlier in other companies such as Baker and McKenzie where he also held the position of managing partner and learn more about Anthony.

His stint at Nabor Industries has however been most impacting on his life as well as the lives of others. He has been able to use his bounty as one of the best-paid CEO to donate to various charities organizations. Anthony Petrello passion for philanthropy, which he does with his wife, is founded on the premise that he rose from the street of Newark to becoming who he is because of hard work and perseverance. As a result of this inclination, he is also a member of the board of trustees of Texas children hospital. This has also inspired him to advocate and finance clinical research and field studies aimed at addressing the unique issues facing children with neurological disorder and more information click here.

With his wife Cynthia, the chief executive lately contributed a record Five million dollars and a guarantee of a further seven million dollars to their course of changing the lives of these children. It is notable that this was a connotation of their life experience with their child and Anthony’s lacrosse camp.

The business executive is a strong believer of work ethics and has endeavored to put Nabors organization work culture to be in line with Newark, New Jersey, which has been reputed as having one of the most progressively minded working class with a prudent working ethics. These ideals were imperative in the Anthony Petrello rise up the corporate ladder.

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