George Soros Resumes Involvement in Politics

George Soros is a billionaire investor who has established himself as one of the wealthiest individuals in the world. For many years Soros has been involved in the financial industry and has been able to establish his own hedge funds. After making a large fortune in finance, Soros began to get highly involved in politics. As a strong supporter of the Democrat party in the United States, George spent $27 million in political donations to help defeat George W. Bush in the 2004 election. After this election, he decided to become much less involved in politics for a number of years. However, in 2016, Soros again got back into politics to help Hillary Clinton obtain the presidency.

According to reports, Soros donated approximately $25 million to help Hillary Clinton win the upcoming election. Part of these donations were to help fund her campaign as well as contribute to a number of Democratic causes. While the $25 million looks to be a staggering amount, Soros intended to donate even more as the Election Day drew closer. George had decided to attend his first ever Democrat convention in order to watch Clinton give her latest speech. Over the years, Soros has had a good relationship with Clinton and is therefore a very strong supporter of hers. However, Soros did not attend the convention due to professional obligations. He wanted to monitor the economic situation in Europe and therefore missed this important speech.

A number of people close to Soros have said that during the months leading up to Election Day, he was very politically engaged. His enthusiasm has been at its highest in many years. Soros has been politically engaged due to his motivation to support Clinton as he believes that she was the most qualified candidate to be President. He also believes that her opponent Donald Trump was creating fear for the masses and otherwise helping the terrorist organization ISIS. Soros’ political adviser Michael Vachon said that George has been a consistent donor of Democratic causes and he has been even more devoted due to the very high stakes of the most recent presidential election.

In the months leading up to the election, Soros has led the way in providing large political contributions to Hillary Clinton. With these large donations, Soros hopes that it will allow Clinton to put together a very effective campaign and also win the presidential election. Soros has donated lots of money for Clinton’s campaign in an effort to ensure that the next president works hard to address important causes such as immigration reform, criminal justice reform and also religious tolerance. With Clinton as president, Soros believes that America will be led by a very experienced and qualified individual who is a strong supporter of progressive political causes.

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