Robert Santiago “Roberto”:

Robert Santiago is also referred to as Roberto Santiago. Mr. Santiago is a well known businessman and Entrepreneur who currently resides in Brazil. At Present, Santiago owns and operates one of the largest and most spectacular shopping malls within the Pessoa area of Brazil.

Robert Santiago was always industrious and had great ambition. Back in 1987 Santiago decided to purchase an area of land in which is famous shopping mall not sits. Once the land was purchased, Santiago had plans to build a large shopping mall. The entire shopping mall project took over two years to complete.

In late 1989, Santiago’s new shopping mall creation was finally unleashed. Residents were shocked at the size of the shopping mall. In addition, the center contained a large theater, large roof top concert center, food court, a variety of retail shops, gaming area, a bank as well as a spacious gymnasium. Roberto Santiago certainly fulfilled his dream in a very big way.

The latest addition to Santiago’s shopping mall is the Domus Hall center. Domus Hall was added to the shopping structure in late 2009. Domus Hall is a large conference area which has been used for Weddings, Birthday parties, Corporate events as well as exhibits. Domus Hall can accommodate up to 4,000 people.

The Manaira Shopping mall was a huge success ever sine the day it first opened. Over the past year, the movie theater was completely renovated. In addition, the theater now shows some of the most popular and critically acclaimed movies.

Robert Santiago also owns another shopping center called Mangeria. Mangeria has been successful however, it never seemed to gain the notoriety that the Maniara Shopping mall received from the first day it opened its doors.

Mangeria has a variety of retail stores as well as a Steakhouse. Mangeria does draw crowds from different areas of Brazil. Santiago hopes to add additional attractions to Mangeria in hopes of increasing its popularity as well as profits.

Mangeria first opened in 2013. Robert Santiago has stated publicly that the new shopping mall has increased economic as well as social aspects of the city. In addition, it seems that local businesses plan to relocate their offices within a close proximity of the Mangeria Mall. Relocating businesses close to the Mangeria Center can certainly be beneficial financially for all parties involved.

Roberto Santiago attended Pio-X Marist College. In addition, he also attended the University of Joao Pessoa. Santiago did complete his degree in business at the University of Joao Pessoa. Santiago has a theory which states “that a person can succeed at whatever they set out to do, as long as they complete what they set out do”. This theory does make a great deal of sense when you really think about it.

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