Dr. Akhil Reddy Talks About Wines and Dressing

Dr. Akhil Reddy is a dentist by profession and works at MB2 Dental Solutions. His interests in dentistry started when he was still young. He studied Biology dentistry at the University of Pacific. He is the current director of Just Health 510. Dr. Akhil Reddy is also a wine expert dedicated to finding great wines and a dressing stylish. His diversity makes him a classic man.

According to him, Good wines are often expensive. However, there exist excellent wines that are inexpensive and affordable. Wines from France are good and are usually characterized by good taste and amazing scents. Good wine is not about the price at which it sells but the grapes from which it has been extracted from and the fermentation process.

He compiled a list of high-quality wines that sell below $30. At the top of his list is Chateau d’Aiguilhe, Cotes de Bordeaux Castillon which retails at $18. The red wine is fresh and energetic. Chateau d’Aiguilhe has a fruity flavor coupled with floral notes. The second wine is Domaine de Pellehaut, a brand of Chardonnay. The wine goes for $9 and is flavored with vanilla. Chateau Beaumont wine is also featured in Dr. Akhil’s list. The wine is rich in cedar, cassis and violet flavors. A bottle of Chateau Beaumont goes for $11 only. Chateau Beaumont is another good inexpensive wine. The wines have numerous flavors coupled with a mineral taste. It retails at $11 only. The other good wines include Asda Beaujolais which sells at $5, La Parde de Haut-Bailly that retails at $25 and the $10 Domaine Hudelot-Noellat among other wines.
Majority of professionals working in laboratories always required to put on a lab coat. People often find it difficult to choose what clothes to wear with the lab coat. Fortunately, Dr. Akhil proposes some ways to dress to stay fashionable under the white coat.

One way of looking smart in a lab coat is by wearing a shirt and a tie. The combination relays professionalism and is comfortable at the same time. Lab coats also blend well with a pair of jeans and collared shirts. The outfit is stylish and flexible altogether. Dark pants and turtlenecks of any color go well with lab coats. It is important to note that the dress code should be maintained while dressing under the white coat. Dr. Akhil advice people to wear comfortably and sustain personal style.

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