Rocketship Education And The Story Of Andre Agassi

Rocketship Education boasts one of the highest nationwide enrollments for being a public charter school. Charter schools, for readers that aren’t in the know, are educational facilities ranging from grades kindergarten to twelfth. The trademark of charter schools is the fact they aren’t required to stick to the demanding rules school boards set out for them. Further, charter schools receive the funding from local and state agencies that other public schools do – the ones that have to listen to the boards of education nearest them – as well as raking in money from private investors.

Having such access to money is a big proponent of Rocketship Education’s success. For example, Andre Agassi helped fund a school in Washington, DC. Although it seems paradoxical, as it’s home to the White House and loads of other big-ticket political figures and buildings, DC is highly poor, full of crime, and lacks good schools for those in low-income areas – the areas where Rocketship Education specifically seeks out.

Agassi had decided to start the Washington, DC, school, as he wasn’t doing very well in the world of tennis, and was feeling depressed. Rather than turn to activities that weren’t healthy for him, Mr. Andre Agassi had decided to help fund the construction of an installment of Rocketship Education. Alongside Robert Turner, a friend of his that is involved in investing, created the Turner-Agassi Charter School Facilities Fund, which helps fund the creation of charter schools across the nation, helping build far more than just the one location that the pair funded in the nation’s capital.

Rocketship Education is composed of roughly twenty schools across the nation. RSED, the acronym for Rocketship Education, was started after co-founder and current President wanted to help people in low-income areas get a better education, rather than falling trap to the generational struggles so many predisposed to such situations found themselves in. Preston Smith and co-founder Mr. John Danner were able to help around thirty schools, of which eighteen are still in operation to this date.

Rocketship Education recently hit its ten-year anniversary, all thanks to the continued support of parents, teachers, and community members.

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