Greg Secker Gets Backing From Former World Boxing Champion for Iloilo Project

Greg Secker, an English businessman, believes in the concept of active philanthropy. Recently, he has been engaged and entirely focused on helping to build over 100 homes of typhoon struck victims in Lemery, Iloilo. With an aim to encourage athletes to be part of the change with a social conscience, he has inspired athletes such as Nonito Donaire, Jr. as well as the athlete’s wife to join him to witness the turnover project on that day. While the former world boxing champion, took a short trip with a brief stop to support Greg Secker, the English businessman was glad to meet the athlete at the Manila airport and welcome him as well as his support. The athlete was glad to be a part of this noble cause and he urged his peers to have a voice and help out as well.

The Iloilo turnover project was an initiative taken on by Greg Secker to create a significant number of homes for people who are not as fortunate as others. As the founder of the Greg Secker Foundation, he is dedicated to giving 100 homes to people in the Iloilo region and is making a continuous effort to ensure that this project sees completion. He has also actively engaged in competing for many other projects around the globe, all with the help of his foundation. The Lemery, Iloilo foundation, is named, Build A House, Build A Home, and it is aimed at doing as much as good as possible with the help of Greg Secker and people who support the cause.

Greg Secker, a successful English businessman, was a multi-millionaire in his early twenties and after that, there was no stopping him from helping others gain financial independence. The world was his oyster, and he started off by creating one of the most successful trading firms in the entire of Europe. He also owns the European part of the top trader coaching company. He shows immense passion towards aiding future entrepreneurs by helping them learn how to hone their skills. Greg Secker is also the proprietor of Learn to trade amongst other successfully run and operated companies.

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