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As a Jewish-Israeli diplomat, Daniel Taub undoubted stands out from his counterparts. Many would point to the informal manner in which he prefers to be addressed (preferring Daniel over Mr. Taub), or the skull cap that usually adorns him, but his role in the development of “Rebbe’s Court,” one of the top soap operas to ever premiere in Israel, that has cemented him as a truly unique individual.

While participating in a think tank to discuss ideas for shows to air on an upcoming network, Daniel Taub had the idea to create a soap opera, for which he described as a mix between “Dallas” and “The Chosen.”

Upon relaying this idea to the panel, he was asked to create the script for a pilot episode, and realizing that he needed to brush up on his screenwriting skills, as well as his familiarity with soap operas in general, he attacked to project head-on, taking a small break from his normal duties as a Jewish-Israeli diplomat.

The result was his active participation in the writing of 26 episodes, and an immediate hit amongst the Jewish community living in Israel. This proved to be quite the accomplishment for a Jewish-Israeli diplomat with no formal training in scriptwriting and very little knowledge of the genre.

Aside from the unprecedented amount of success that “Rebbe’s Court” received, Daniel Taub was also unaware of the high level of acceptance that he would receive from his contribution to the Tchelet network. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub | Ideamench

Despite never writing a script, and his relative unfamiliarity with soap operas in general, Daniel Taub has long shown a knack for understanding the ways in which people communicate, once holding the position of captain while on the debate team at Oxford.

In 1989, the London-born diplomat decided to immigrate to Israel, accompanied by his wife Zehava, where he would form a lasting relationship with the president of the time, Chaim Herzog. Helping to assist the president with speech-writing, he further developed his skill set, while also getting a feel for the climate of late-eighties Israel.

As an expert in international law, Daniel Taub would later go on to join the Foreign Ministry in 1991, who was, at the time, in desperate search of such a person with these attributes.

Since that time, Daniel Taub has played an integral role in helping to assuage the strained relationships between the Israelis and Palestinians, expertly navigating the troubled waters that have long been a reality of life throughout the region.

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