Talkspace Allowing People from Low Income Group Get Access to Therapy

For people suffering from depression often find it difficult to talk about it to their friends and families. In many cultures, depression is seen as a sign of laziness and is not regarded highly by the people. But, often hiding depression can lead to more serious illness. It is the reason why many people are turning to online therapy so that they can get the help they need without making it public. People can talk to therapists through their phones and keep the conversations private. Online therapists are licensed and have a similar experience as the traditional ones. The only difference is that they are available anytime and can be contacted from anywhere. Thus, people dealing with any kind of mental illness need to speak to a therapist and Talkspace app is making is more accessible.

Talkspace was created in 2012, and since then it has helped hundreds of people get online counseling from reputed therapists. By creating an account with Talkspace, one has access to therapists at all times through messaging service. Since the millennial generation is looking for easy ways to reach out, something that is quickly accessible. Talkspace offers an opportunity to those people to seek help and not be ashamed of it. In today’s world, there are many more reasons for the increased anxiety and depression among the people that were not present before. One of them is politics as Talkspace creator mentioned in one of his interviews said that since Donald Trump became the President more people are suffering from anxiety.

Talkspace offers talk therapy to people that allows them to speak to therapists about their issues. People from the low-income group and those without insurance coverage can also avail their services since they charge much less than what normal therapists would charge for their sessions.

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