Dr. Chris Villanueva Making Dental Profession Unique with MB2 Dental

Chris Villanueva is the founder and the Chief executive Officer at MB2 Dental solutions. Chris is a seasoned health practitioner and has had very rich work experience. According to Chris, he had developed extensive knowledge through his work experience in the dental field had recognized many flaws in the profession. Hence he established MB2 Dental to overcome such mistakes. Chris wanted to establish a platform that could support the dentists by creating a favorable working environment. The firm has achieved considerable success since its inception and has supported many dentists across the United States of America. The firm currently has more than 530 employees and has established branches in six states in the country.

The main aim of the firm is to bring something new in the dentistry field and does not entirely rely on profit making but also strengthening the ties between the dentists across the country. He is a unique entrepreneur who is more concern on autonomous growth, personal growth and having fun together in the profession by creating a good working environment. The idea to come up with the MB2 Dental was born years ago after the great dentist graduated from dental school. Immideitaly after college, Chris came up with the idea of starting his firm, an idea that has greatly blossomed years after it was put into practice. Chris has always hinted that the secret to success is working and associating yourself with smart people. In this way, they can share ideas and come up with new things. Hiring the right people has also been the driving force behind the success of his firm.

Just like any other great scientist, Chris has a strong connection with the developments and the applications of modern technology across different spheres of life. MB2 Dental also advocates for the provision of unique, quality and certified services to the patients by the highly trained and motivated dentist. Dr. Chris Villanuevawas born in Ohio, United States of America but spent most of his childhood years growing in Asia and South America. Dr. Chris attended Caracas High School in Venezuela and later joined the University of Florida for his Bachelor of Science in Microbiology. He later joined Nova Southeastern University for his DMD in Dentistry. He has worked for many years as an associate dentist trainer and also a dentist mentor. He has also worked as a Dental Director, practice model and now as the CEO of MB2 Dental.

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