SENS and Jason Hope Fight Aging

Old age brings a laundry list of troubles. Troubles like arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, lung disease, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s. According to the SENS Research Foundation such troubles derive from the buildup of metabolic waste within the body. They call such waste AGE, which stands for advanced glycation end, and have endeavored for years to produce drugs that will treat it. The program assigned this task is called AGE-breaker, and through treatment of AGE buildup hopes to also significantly reduce aging in general. This is only one avenue the biotechnology foundation pursues, but the outcome is the same, prevent deterioration of the human body brought on by aging.

Anti-aging biotechnology is the newest craze, prospected by many to be the future. Among the many advocates for anti-aging is Jason Hope, successful businessman, generous philanthropist, and avid futurist. Like many of his ilk Hope believes anti-aging biotechnology is the next step in medical science. Learning how to neutralize the debilitating effects aging creates is paramount to eventually overcoming major diseases like Alzheimer and liver failure. A generous donor who goes out of his way to give back to the community, Hope believes that not enough research goes into the prevention of age-related diseases.

To fix the problem Hope has donated substantial sums to SENS and other biotechnology foundations to ensure a healthier future for the world. In 2010 he donated half a million dollars to SENS, who used the money to open up a new lab. The Cambridge SENS laboratory is dedicated to finding ways to stop artery-cells from bonding. This is a large part of what creates high blood pressure leading to deterioration of skin and eyes. According to Aubrey de Grey, chief scientist and current leader at SENS, such contributions are important to the construction of a rejuvenation biotechnology industry. Hope remains a fervent contributor, and has even taken the mantle of spokesperson for SENS on numerous occasions. A graduate of the W.P. Carey School of Business with an MBA in finance, Hope is a sought after adviser in all aspects of business. His continued support of SENS and anti-aging garner more attention for the study everyday.

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