Dr. David Samadi – The Story Behind the World’s Leading Urologist

Born in Iran, Dr. David Samadi’s rise as a Urologist and an expert in all things medical wasn’t always a smooth one. While many in the industry and public are now familiar with his various awards and accolades, very little know about the circumstances that surrounded upbringing.

As a Jew living born in the midst of the Iranian Revolution in the late-70’s hatred, racism and persecution unfortunately became all too familiar for those practicing his faith. During this time of desperation, his parents helped facilitate the departure of David Samadi and his brother, Dan Samadi, from Iran and into Western Europe.

After moving around the for the first few months, the duo eventually settled in London where they were able to continue their education before eventually settling in New York. While his new home in America has at first alien to him, Dr. David Samadi grew found of his surroundings, and laid down his roots for his career to come.

Upon graduating from the Stony Brook School of Medicine with honors and becoming a world-renowned Urologist, Dr David Samadi went through the path less traveled by creating the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique (SMART), a robotically assisted method of removing cancerous prostates that has proven to be more reliable, successful and less invasive the industry standard.

With SMART, patients report a sexual potency of 96.6% 18 months after surgery, a less than 2% recurrence rate after 1 year and are still welcomed to a unique personal care approach. It’s no wonder that Dr. David Samadi is a 5 times winner of the New York Magazines Best Doctor award. In fact, his personal touch has provided him the Most Compassionate Doctor award on three separate occasions.

When he’s not conducting surgeries,or leading his team of Urologists Dr. David Samadi can be seen on FOX News providing medical opinions on topics not limited to urology. Beyond FOX News, Dr. Samadi can be seen on his online podcast Samadi TV every Sunday at 12:30 PM EST.

For details: www.roboticoncology.com/

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