Doe Deere, The Leading Lady of the Cosmetic Mega Brand, Lime Crime

Doe Deere launched Lime Crime back in 2008. This young woman was not afraid to take on a beauty industry that pushed neutral and beige colors on the beauty market. Deere was inspired by her love for unicorns to create a line of bold and dazzling colors in her Lime Crime makeup collection. The fact is that Doe Deere was quickly changing the beauty industry. Deere was fearless in her approach and easily started a company that became very popular with women across the world. In fact, Lime Crime has a rather large cult following on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter.

Social Media Darling
Today, Lime Crime and Doe Deere are social media darlings. If you have an Instagram or Twitter feed, you are probably aware of the major impact that Doe Deere’s makeup company has made on those sites. More and more young women are discovering Lime Crime through those social media sites and they definitely like what they see. The fact is that the makeup industry is overcrowded with makeup brands, but Lime Crime has carved a little niche of their own in the beauty industry that feeds the need for glittery makeup products.

New Exciting Trend
Doe Deere is really on board with the new trend in makeup that feature all those glittery colors that remind you of a unicorn. The unicorn is the Lime Crime unofficial mascot. Deere has always had a very unique fascination for unicorns. The unicorn colors are also featured in Lime Crime products. Unicorn colors really stand out. Typical trendy unicorn colors might include pinks, lilac, yellow, aqua, and various shades of purple.

Creating New Formulas
Doe Deere remarks that she likes to get really up close and personal with makeup creation. In the beginning, Deere was the main creator of all the formulas for various products. Today, Deere relates that she still works closely with the products, but it is also a team effort. Her teams work diligently to get the formulas just right. In addition, Deere states that she never releases a product to the market that she doesn’t test thoroughly. Doe Deere relates that she is really interested in creating products that women really desire. Therefore, she always listens to her fans on social media too. This is the best way to create new formulas that work for the Lime Crime brand.

Bold Colors
Deere realizes that some women simply shy away from bold colors. Therefore, they are too afraid to wear Lime Crime cosmetics. Shying away from bold self expression is very prevalent in today’s society among women. In fact, some people would like to prevent self expression. Many women have to realize that makeup is a personal choice and not a societal choice. First, get use to wearing those bold and expressive colors by wearing them around the house or around your friends. Once you get use to the colors, you’ll start to feel bolder too. The fact is that bold colors make a statement. They state that you are a very self confident individual. Learn more:

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