Luiz Carlos Trabuco To Pass On The Mantle

A change of guard is looming at Bradesco. Luiz Carlos Trabuco will soon be vacating the office of president. One of the executive vice president’s has been earmarked for the position. This will maintain the tradition that the organization has developed over the years. The top job is given to an insider.

Octavio De Lazari Jr. is the firm favorite to take up this lucrative position. This is after an elaborate nomination and succession process. The Appointment and Succesion Committee of the leading bank in Brazil have given the process a green light. Octavio came out on top among the other prospective candidates. His efforts and merits at the organization earned him this place.

In a statement released by the bank they insisted that there was need for continuity at the top level. This was geared to maintain the high class status that the bank has established over the years in Brazil and the rest of the world. Octavio had a clear view of what takes place in the bank during his tenure as executive vice president.

According to Lazari is expected to continue to execute his duties as Bradesco Seguros Group’s chief executive, a position that was once held by his predecessor. His colleagues hold him in high regard due to his great personal attributes.

When Luiz Carlos Trabuco held a press briefing, he mentioned the timelines of the succession process and when he would be relinquishing his position. This was to take place at the Board Meeting that would be preceded by an Ordinary General Meeting.

He also talked about the need of having a smooth transition process to set a precedent for the future generations. He identified the 13 million customers who did not have direct access to digital services as the greatest challenge that his successor would face.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco does not seem troubled. He has achieved great success throughout his time at Bradesco. His career that has lasted for close to half a century is greatly admired by foes and friends in equal measure. He now moves to head the Council Presidency.

The 66 year old made headlines in the Isto Dinhiero magazine as the entrepreneur of the year back in 2015. In the same year he oversaw the greatest procurement in the bank’s history- the acquisition of HSBC bank. Forbes magazine recognized his tremendous work the following year and listed him among the finest chief executives in Brazil.

He was among the youngest employees of Bradesco Bank when he joined them at the age of 17 to work as a clerk. 15 years later, he had rose to the marketing director position. His commitment at the organization saw him rise through the ranks and in 1999 he was one of the executive vice presidents.It was only a matter of time before he became president of Bradesco Seguros. This took place in 2003.

His tenure saw the bank grow in leaps and bounds. At one point its insurance sector was ranked the best in Latin America. He supervised the establishment of Unibrad University, a leading corporate university. Here their executives as well as other employees acquired personalized corporate skills. This has improved service delivery and productivity at the bank.


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