Waiakea Water: Magical Volcano Water That Can Increase Your Overall Health

Waiakea Water is unlike any other bottled water that we have ever seen. The water itself is unique in the fact that it is bottled directly from a live volcano in Hawaii. The volcano is called Mauna Loa and it is surrounded by hundreds of thousands of square feet of pristine ocean water. There is not a single industrial structure within thousands of miles of the islands shores, making it some of the purest water in the world. The island that the volcano is on is almost wholly comprised of pure vegetation that is natural to the island. As the volcano’s ice caps melt, the water slowly trickles down more than 14,000 feet of pure, untouched volcanic rock. This rock is comprised of minerals, natural elements that are then infused into the water. The water also picks up essentials such as magnesium and calcium. While many companies add these things in to their water, all of Waiakea’s Water picks up these elements fully through the natural process of running over volcanic rock.

Yet, the source of Waiakea Volcanic Water itself has a whole plethora of other entities that makes it highly unique and has created a buzz that has people traveling to their local health food stores to check water aisles, or performing Google searches to determine just when they can finally get their hands on a bottle of the magical volcanic water. Although the water itself is what is generating the main buzz for Waiakea Water, there are so many other elements that make it one of the hottest new products in the health market and the best choice in bottled water that we have ever seen.

The company was recently featured in Premier Gazette, where the publication highlighted what else made Waiakea Water better than the rest. The volcanic water has a natural pH balance of 8.8. Our bodies’ natural pH should sit around a 7.4 in order to be in prime health. However, most of us are far below that, meaning that our bodies are more acidic and more open to things like attracting free radicals and our cells not functioning at the highest capacity.


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