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George Soros’ Advice on the Refugee Crisis in Europe

George Soros is one of the leading hedge fund managers having founded the Soros Fund Management a few decades ago. In numerous forums on stock market investment and the general wellbeing of the financial sector, he has sounded a warning … Continue reading

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Martin Lustgarten, CEO and Financial Genius

Investment banking is entirely different than regular banking, in that investment banks do not accept deposits like commercial banks and retail banks do. An investment bank is a bank that helps individuals, as well as businesses and governments, in raising … Continue reading

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New Brunswick Development Corporation (DEVCO) Maintains Hope for the Payment of the Unsettled $20 million CRDA Loan

New Brunswick has continuously been making an effort to develop its city by building ultra-modern facilities while renovating outdated ones. This has been to boost revenue from the people moving and visiting the location. The Middlesex County Improvement Authority has … Continue reading

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The Emergence of Coriant as a Telecommunications Giant

One of the cardinal rules of entrepreneurship required to achieve success in the business world is the kind of human capital the business entity decides to invest in. In order for any corporation to achieve the goals and grow exponentially, … Continue reading

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Stephen Murray an Exceptional Man Who Facilitated the Formation of CCMP Capital

Everyone interested in the investment world has heard about CCMP Capital. If you read the financial dailies often or the Fortune Magazine insider communication you are bound to come across it. It processes various financial transactions on a daily basis … Continue reading

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From George Soros to the EU

George Soros is an American and Hungarian hedge fund manager and investor. He is the founder of Soros Fund Management and co-founder of Quantum Fund. George Soros is a billionaire with an estimated net worth by Forbes of about $24B … Continue reading

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Sergio Cortes Has Great Concerns About The Zika Virus

  The Zika Virus is currently spreading throughout the world, infecting numerous people. This birth defect causing disease used to be contained within a group of african nations. Nowadays, it exists on multiple continents, including south america. It has currently … Continue reading

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Trumpf and the Benefit of Wikipedia

Not understanding why you suddenly see “Donald Trumpf” everywhere on the internet and social media? Fans of John Oliver’s show Last Week Tonight will be thrilled to discover that someone created a Wikipedia page for Donald Drumpf. If you were not lucky … Continue reading

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Safety And Education Is A Priority For Securus Technology

Securus Technologies has provided the inmates the education needed to rejoin the world through using all the electronic devices made in this century. This fantastic idea allows the inmates to stay connected to society without the stress of learning the … Continue reading

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U.S. Money Reserve to Build Lone Sailor Statue With U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation to Commemorate 75th Pearl Harbor Anniversary

  In a report the U.S. Money Reserve has teamed up with the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation in order to erect a Lone Sailor Statue to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack. The Lone Sailor is … Continue reading

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