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Doe Deere, The Leading Lady of the Cosmetic Mega Brand, Lime Crime

Doe Deere launched Lime Crime back in 2008. This young woman was not afraid to take on a beauty industry that pushed neutral and beige colors on the beauty market. Deere was inspired by her love for unicorns to create … Continue reading

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Dr. David Samadi – The Story Behind the World’s Leading Urologist

Born in Iran, Dr. David Samadi’s rise as a Urologist and an expert in all things medical wasn’t always a smooth one. While many in the industry and public are now familiar with his various awards and accolades, very little … Continue reading

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Randal Nardone: Sustaining Growth at Fortress

Fortress Investment Group is a diversified investment managing company that has clients across the world. Founded in 1998 in New York, Fortress Investment has grown to $43.6 billion in assets and over 1,750 clients and investors. Their assets range from … Continue reading

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SENS and Jason Hope Fight Aging

Old age brings a laundry list of troubles. Troubles like arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, lung disease, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s. According to the SENS Research Foundation such troubles derive from the buildup of metabolic waste within the body. They call such waste … Continue reading

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Bitcoin Expert Jordan Lindsey Talks about the Major Difference between the Cryptocurrency and Fiat Currency

ICO is an essential part of the cryptocurrency world. It is aimed at improving the algorithms that are used by the cryptocurrency for trading. Today, cryptocurrency has come to the limelight after the price of Bitcoin increased by ten-fold, and … Continue reading

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TMS Health Solutions Innovative Towards Mental Health

TMS Health Solutions has offices throughout northern California and have plans to further expand their outpatient psychiatric services in the near future. TMS therapy Oakland is but one service area offered by TMS Health Solutions. TMS therapy Oakland – is … Continue reading

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Investing in Real Estate

Nexbank is a prominent bank in Dallas. With billions of dollars in assets, Nexbank is an excellent bank for anyone to work with. The real estate market in Dallas is strong. Many investors want to purchase homes in Dallas to … Continue reading

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How to Get Help with Financial Problems Using Southridge Capital

In Connecticut, there is a financial solutions agency known as Southridge Capital. Southridge Capital is a wonderful company because of the work they’ve done with the thousands of clients they’ve worked with over the years. Before you make the decision … Continue reading

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Dr. Chris Villanueva Making Dental Profession Unique with MB2 Dental

Chris Villanueva is the founder and the Chief executive Officer at MB2 Dental solutions. Chris is a seasoned health practitioner and has had very rich work experience. According to Chris, he had developed extensive knowledge through his work experience in … Continue reading

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Talkspace Allowing People from Low Income Group Get Access to Therapy

For people suffering from depression often find it difficult to talk about it to their friends and families. In many cultures, depression is seen as a sign of laziness and is not regarded highly by the people. But, often hiding … Continue reading

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