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Desiree Perez Reaps the Rewards for Her Work with Roc Nation

As one of the leading music and entertainment executives in the world, Desiree Perez is well known among her peers for her acute business sense and strong negotiating style. Although she may not be a household name, Desiree Perez is … Continue reading

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Jim Larkin’s Labor Organizing Skills Helped Ireland to become a Great Place to Work

When an employer does not treat their workers fairly then workers have the right to protest this unfair treatment. Normally, workers take this action by joining up with their union. Once they become a part of their union they can … Continue reading

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Tod Lubar, Real Estate Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs always come up with new inventions to fit their niche markets. Most of them borrow ideas from technology and combine it with their entrepreneurial skills. Such can be witnessed in Todd Lubar, an entrepreneur. Todd has borrowed Technological knowledge … Continue reading

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Insightful Facts about Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin has beaten all odds among other ceos due to his impeccable skills in the management sector. Sheldon joined OSI Group industries a couple of years ago and had seen the company improve its operations as well as raise … Continue reading

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Rocketship Education And The Story Of Andre Agassi

Rocketship Education boasts one of the highest nationwide enrollments for being a public charter school. Charter schools, for readers that aren’t in the know, are educational facilities ranging from grades kindergarten to twelfth. The trademark of charter schools is the … Continue reading

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Safety In Society With Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies was established in 1986. The company has its main office in Dallas and since it was formed, it has been all about working with inmates to make sure that there is safety in the society. Securus Technologies has … Continue reading

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What you have to know about Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are the two individuals behind the founding of the village voice Media in 1970. It acts as an alternative newspaper that serves Phoenix, Arizona with authentic information that they should not miss up on. Lacey … Continue reading

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Equties First Holdings UK

Equities First Holdings UK is the best solution for businesses and individual investors to grow. It was established in 2002, and offer a wide range of finances and capital- to help people reach their financial goals. It’s a team of … Continue reading

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End Citizens United Gears Up To Fight Big Money In Politics

End Citizens United is a grass-roots based Political Action Committee, PAC. Its primary goal is to advocate for election finance reform. This is in response to a 2010 Supreme Court decision in favor of Citizens United. The ruling allowed corporations, … Continue reading

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Kevin Seawright and his Role in Newark Economic Development Corporation

Kevin Seawright is known for the role on the advisory board of the Babe Ruth Museum as well as a famous coach for the neighborhood in sports. Right now, he lives and works in New Jersey, and is the Chief … Continue reading

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