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Jim Tananbaum in the Top 100 Investor on the Forbes Midas List

Foresite Capital is a healthcare firm that was founded by CEO Jim Tananbaum in 2011. The company has added Dr. Molly He to the team as a venture partner. As Illumina’s former senior director, Molly has more than fifteen years … Continue reading

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Jason Hope Speaks Out

Jason Hope is a spokesman and writer about the latest trends in tech matter. He is very adamant about a topic called the “Internet of Things.” This trend refers to the interconnectivity of many of our devices, so they synch … Continue reading

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EOS Evolves Smooth Profits in Oversaturated Market

In a field completely dominated by household names like Chapstick, one newcomer has managed to do what companies before had tried and failed to accomplish- making a name for themselves against competitors like these in an oversaturated lip balm market. … Continue reading

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Battling Cancer and Unhealthy Aging

Battling Cancer and Unhealthy Aging Cancer is taking more people to the grave than some of the diseases that killed people in the past years. The barrage that comes with the medication of cancer is thick. It causes financial detriments … Continue reading

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Jose Borghi Realized His Dream By Becoming a Renowned Brazilian Advertiser

Jose Borghi experienced an especially complicated occasion as a boy, in his native soil of Brazil. During the time that Jose was undergoing his lessons at Middle School, Jose Borghi discovered that it was very off-putting to try and form … Continue reading

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Thor Halvorssen, Humanitarian Since Birth

Thor Halvorssen’s humanitarian career goes all the way back to his childhood where it all started with opposing the South African Apartheid. After his father became a political prisoner in Venezuela he found himself involved full time with promoting due … Continue reading

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A Review of Jeffry Schneider’s Career

Jeffry Schneider hails from Manhattan. He started his career in the financial services industry immediately after completing his studies at the esteemed University of Massachusetts at Amherst. While he was working for several prominent financial services corporations, he gained diverse … Continue reading

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USHEALTH Group – Flexible Insurance Premiums

USHEALTH group is an insurance company, based in Fort Worth, Texas. This private insurance company specializes in health insurance policies. It has two subsidiary branches; Freedom life insurance company and National Foundation life insurance company. The company has been in … Continue reading

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WEN By Chaz Is One Of The Better Conditioners You’ll Find

WEN is a very reliable hair care product that you will love because of the tremendous job it does smoothing and softening hair. Maybe you’ve seen their QVC commercials and wanted that wavy shiny hair that many of the actors … Continue reading

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Ahead Of The Curve: Nicki Minaj And Jennifer Lopez

  The Pink Barbie Takes Over Belonging on any list of famous rappers, Nicki Minaj is probably one of this decades greatest hits. From 2010 onward she has amazed with her brazen lyrics, versatility, and bodacious curves. Hip hop is … Continue reading

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