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George Soros: Overcoming Hatred and Ignorance

Most stories about billionaires are origin stories about how they became wealthy. Living in a capitalist society makes a lot of people finance focused. As time progresses, more people are becoming politically aware. Unfortunately, politics is a turn-off for most … Continue reading

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Thor Halvorssen, Humanitarian Since Birth

Thor Halvorssen’s humanitarian career goes all the way back to his childhood where it all started with opposing the South African Apartheid. After his father became a political prisoner in Venezuela he found himself involved full time with promoting due … Continue reading

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Protecting The Rights Of Humans Is A Major Part Of The Work Of George Soros

George Soros has spent much of his career and life looking to develop the hedge fund he established in 1969 on Wall Street, which saw the direction Soros had mapped out for his life change amid a changing outlook on … Continue reading

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