Rocketship Education Aims For A Learning Revolution

Quality education should be given to every child, regardless of the financial standings of the parents. So many different educational facilities feed prospective parents and students this line that it’s shocking how few of them deliver on it. The school system in America is a mess; it’s a fact too many take solemnly as a reality of life. The idea that the children of the wealthy have exclusive rights to excellent education is one ingrained in the minds of parents all over the country. Rocketship Education is one of the institutions that aren’t willing to sit idly without taking action of their own.

Rocketship’s efforts, having opened 25 high performing schools for low-income students, are from being in vain. The school aims to put low-income students on the path to collegiate success, starting in the early stages of learning development. Moreover, they have been doing so since 2007. The results are tangible as well; every month a child attends a Rocketship Education charter school adds effectively adds one month of learning.

Rocketship isn’t alone in its mission either. Some of the biggest names in philanthropy are throwing their hats in with the charter program. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings donated a staggering a 100 million dollars to charter programs. Mark Zuckerburg and Priscilla Chan have also backed the charter school movement with massive monetary endowments. If nothing else, this adds validity and credibility to Rocketship and charter schools as a whole. Rocketship aims to use this support to create an education movement; one wherein the achievement gap between children of different incomes can be eliminated.

Seeking to create far more than a sterile schooling environment, Rocketship has cultivated a massive web for individuals passionate about children’s education. The infrastructure is designed to unite talented teachers, expert management, and determined parents in a way that creates the best possible environment for all children, regardless of wealth or background. The charter school movement is one that will take American education by storm, and Rocketship Education is at the forefront of the revolution in some huge ways.


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Jim Tananbaum is the founder and CEO of Foresite Capital- a company that has made outstanding investments in health care companies. His net worth in assets is approximately $1.1 billion. Before starting Foresite Capital, Jim Tananbaum co-jointly owned two prominent biopharmaceutical companies and two healthcare investment set up’s. Jim has knowledge in many fields including clinical immunology, clinical pharmacology and genetic epidemiology.

Initially, Jim was one of the partner’s at Sierra Ventures and helped in establishing its health care investment services. Inspiringly, Tananbaum made it to Forbes Midas list (2017) where he came number 52. He lists as one of the top tech investors for the third year in a row. He has been known for taking great calculated risks in his investments and ventures while giving his stakeholders and patients value for his investments, products and services. Foresite Capital aims to deliver superb products and services across all spectrums in public and private care. His company is based in San Francisco with an office in New York.

$14 million funding to Mindstrong Health

In addition to that, Foresite Capital and other companies recently donated $14 million to Mindstrong Health- a company that is researching mental health disorders using smart phones. The smart phone measures mental health performance through brain activity. The smartphone uses bio markers and it includes speed, memory and executive function. Tananbaum was particularly impressed with the innovative platform which would modernize health care and revolutionize mental health treatment.

Buying and Selling of Pharmaceutical Companies

According to INC42, since its startup in 2011, Foresite Capital has taken many risks in companies that make transformational products in medical technology. Tananbaum insists that medical science is becoming better gradually and that the investments made are making lives easier and at a lower cost both to the companies and the people they treat. Tananbaum is also a big follower of cancer research and treatment. He has shares in many companies in America such as Aimmune Therapeutics and Tarsa Therapeutics. Check out Ideamensch for the details.

Jim Tananbaum’s Education Background

Tananbaum studied a Master of Science Degree in Information Theory at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Upon completion, he went on to study a Degree is Medicine from Havard Medical school (1989). Thereafter, he studied an MBA at Havard Business School finishing in 1991.

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Civil Rights Groups in the United States

Many organizations in the United States advocate for civil, human and migrants rights. They do so by organizing protests, participating in legislation concerning laws that defend human rights and providing funds to other groups that advocate for human rights.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was founded by journalists Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. The two are co-founders of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. This organization was as a result of their arrest by Maricopa County. The Frontera Fund protects migrant rights across Arizona. On October 18, 2007, the two were taken from their homes late in the night by armed deputies and jailed.

Lacey and Larkin’s arrest was due to their disclosure of the corrupt dealings of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Grand jury proceedings demanded the journalists’ records on articles and their notes that covered Sheriff Arpaio. More to that were the grand jury subpoenas that demanded the identity of their readers of New Times stories online about the sheriff. Larkin and Lacey sued the County and fought for their First Amendment rights.

After appealing in the Courts of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, they were awarded a settlement of $3.75 million. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey dedicated the whole amount into establishing the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and funding other organizations that advocate for migrants’ rights across Arizona. Up to date, their organization promotes freedom of speech, human rights, immigrant rights and civic participation.

The Center for Third World Organizing which was launched in 1980 to promote social, economic and racial justice for people of color. CTWO offers training and resource centers which uphold actions for equal human rights. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

The National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights promotes world justice, empowerment of immigrants across the world, and advocates for human rights.

It is one of the influential organizers of refugee and immigrants representation in international events such as the Xenophobia in South Africa and United Nations Conference Against Racism. This organization has also been in the forefront in protests at the World Trade Organization ministerial meetings.

National Organization for Women was founded in 1966 to protect women against discrimination. The organization advocates for gender equality regarding equal representation and payment at workplaces. They offer civic education to women so as to empower them in matters revolving around their education, social and health decisions.

The National Immigration Project promotes justice and the fair treatment when it comes to immigration law along with social policies as well as the criminal system. The association calls for actions and holds movements to solve issues of immigrants. It also supports other organizations that are community-based, legal representatives and immigrants and more so offers technical assistance to them.

The Leadership Conference on Civil Rights was founded in 1950 to advocate for civil and human rights. It contains more than two hundred state organizations, and its principal focus is equality in the society.

LCCR is not inclined to any particular section of the society but rather protects every citizen of the United States. Since 1957, the organization has held countrywide legislative advocacy for all civil rights laws.

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David McDonald Innovates At OSI

David McDonald, Iowa native, has built a strong reputation within the food services industry by working hard and providing the best services he is able to. He started working as OSI Industries as their Project Manager. After they saw his success and potential in the company, Mr. McDonald was promoted to the President and Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group, LLC. He has since made huge improvements in the company and he leads them toward even more success in the future.

Mr. David McDonald previously worked at Marfrig Global Foods S.A. as their Independent Director. He was employed there for nine years, from 2008 to 2017. Mr. David McDonald also works as one of the Members of the board of directors at OSI Group. He is the Director of the International Foods sector of OSI and also serves as a Chairman on the North American Meat Institute board. He based his careers off his solid educations at the Iowa State University. He graduated with a Degree in Animal Science.

OSI Group has experienced global success by tailoring their business plan depending on the location they are expanding to. They do this by utilizing the use of small management teams that are located at each of their facilities. These teams are comprised of individuals that are experienced with the culture of the area that the team is based and they seek to improve the services that OSI is able to provide to the people and customers there. Mr. David McDonald OSI Group believes in the power of global expansions by using efficient and local business plans.

OSI Group is based in Aurora and thanks to their recent expansions, they are now recognized as a global leader in the food industry. They specialize in providing high quality meats like sausage and beef. They also have ties to retail and food service communities and provide them with pizza and sandwiches.

OSI is located in more than 15 countries and they have more than 50 facilities that are in production. Mr. David McDonald being the President and the COO is very interested in China because they have had great success there. They are now the largest poultry supplier in China.

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The Real Estate World of Nick Vertucci

Nick Vertucci was born and raised in a home of relatively modest means. By the time he was 18, he was jobless, homeless, and living in his van. His life started getting its act together after he was able to set up a business selling computer parts. His business was booming exponentially in success when he lost nearly all of it in the dot com crash of 2000. For the next 18 months he went back to being extremely poor. His luck changed for the better once again after attending a three-day real estate training seminar. It intended up permanently changing his entire life for the better.

For the next ten years he studied the industry and practiced the art of real estate work according to He perfected it and is now a millionaire as a result of his hard work. In 2013, Vertucci founded the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. It has since become one of the most respected educational institutions in the industry. It continues to help prospective real estate students enter the industry and to learn the tricks of the trade. Today he leads an impressive team of expert professionals run his business and educate future realtors on They are particularly honed onto the education of the next generation real estate community.

Nick Vertucci definitely knows what he is talking about as a teacher. He made his many millions not just in education, but largely by utilizing his own developed real estate system at He teaches this very system and solutions to the challenges that his students will face in the real estate world. And Nick Vertucci has a very knowledgeable team more than just knowledgeable about real estate, they are all considered top leaders throughout the real estate scene. This considerably experienced and expert crew is very dedicated to teaching their students every single aspect of the real estate world they will face.

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Adam Milstein and his Foundation Work Hard

The life and mind of Adam Milstein, separately and collectively, are benefits to many people and organizations across the globe. That is because he is a Co-founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, which provides philanthropic and charitable assistance to organizations focused on keeping the Jewish community strong through healthy growth. But, that is not all the foundation does. It also supports efforts to keep Israel stable and relations between United States open, supportive and communicative.

Adam Milstein is a wise man who seeks, like all wise men to benefit others through the assets of his knowledge. To this end, he offers a range of services and his professional expertise to improve the reality of other individuals, especially where members of the Jewish faith are concerned. These services include consultation, fund raising and partnership development. More specifically, the areas of people’s reality Adam Milstein seeks to effect are Jewish education and the continuity of the nation. Along these lines, he is highly involved with anything that positively effects Pro-Israel advocacy.

When it comes to how the foundation, which he and his wife co-founded, there are three principles from which the action flows. These are active philanthropy, life pact impact and philanthropic synergy. Each one of these principles has its own form and expression within the foundation while the staff serves clients day in and out. But, their purpose is unanimous and learn more about Adam.

Active philanthropy means more than just investing funds to an organization. That is just throwing money at a problem, which eventually only serves to feed it. They put their personal time in the form of their professional expertise into every project associated with their foundation. Life path impact is just that, and it means that Adam Milstein and his family organization look to support and build up organization that are in the business of helping the Jewish community for the long haul. This means that he helps those who help others from their cradle to the rocking chair. Philanthropic synergy is the idea that with the right maneuvers and connections within networks, funding and guidance has an immeasurable impact. The foundation strives for this, most of all. These are the goals in everything the organization has anything to do with and learn more about Adam.

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The New Richard Mishaan Design for a Grand Salon Leaves Everybody Astounded

Have you ever seen those amazing interior settings that you see in advertisements, real estate pamphlets and elite apartment pictures? Those are all done by experienced and well-versed interior designers, and it is their job to find furniture, wallpapers, and colors that match a particular style and make the room feel incredibly unique in some way or another.



Sometimes, the design is made to make the room feel modern and technologic, or other times it is created and designed specifically to create a relaxed and high-class atmosphere. In the case of the newest interior design of the specialist and interior professional Richard Mishaan, a leading architect in New York was created specifically to give a rich, classic and highly luxurious look. The design was made for Kip’s Bay Boys & Girls Club Decorator Show House’s grand salon.



Rich people have unusual tastes, and Richard Mishaan Design can meet all of the possible flavors that his clients come seeking him for. With antique furniture and decoration, dark wood table, black couches, curtains of old schemes, everything was set to give the inspiration of a highly influential personality in the most eccentric theme possible. He wanted to aim for an attic feel of the highly ambitious decorations of France, Rome, Florence, Venice, Budapest, and other European styles were captured in his style.



Having written the highly recommended book “Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern,” Richard Mishaan is a professional that every aspiring architect or interior designer should learn the story and his career. In the book, he doesn’t only explain some of his most valuable advice for young artists and a few tips on starting their careers in the field, but he also shares a bit of his story and the mistakes that he made during his life.



The design of the grand salon was definitely one of the best works of Richard Mishaan Design, and he believes that he surpassed his own capabilities. Utilizing silk in excess, a roof with square shapes, tapestry of large proportions and the oldest type, and a chandelier, pending from the ceiling, and giving the whole room the atmosphere of walking into a XIII century house of a very powerful family.



The interior designed was able to capture with accuracy the eclecticism present in those old room designs. With fabric and furniture of odd choices and pigmentation, and frames hanging from the walls in every corner of the chamber, it doesn’t matter who comes in; the individual becomes astonished with what Richard Mishaan was able to accomplish.



According to the expert, his secret lies in traveling and meeting all kinds of unusual designs just by visiting the museums and the historical buildings of those locations. Heritage is the most important trait to look for when an interior designer wants to transcend typical styles and wants to think outside the box, says Richard Mishaan in an interview about the new room he created. Because an architect is also an artist, one has to look for inspiration and other means of diversity to stand out from the rest of the traditional interior rooms.

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Mike Baur’s Contribution to Digital Future

As a teenager in Fribourg, Switzerland’s Mike Baur had a well-known passion for banking and finance. It, therefore, was not a surprise when he enrolled for a degree in the same and later joined the banking industry in which he worked for twenty years. After what he terms as a ‘fun’ career he then quit investing in companies. Mike Baur, at only 39, then charted an unconventional path to do something that was more in sync with his entrepreneurial spirit. He started a company with two other people.


Essentials About Swiss Start-up Factory

Swiss Startup Factory came into being in 2014, driven by the ambition to create global companies that disrupt the existing norms. Their products and business models are equally superb. Swiss Start-up Factory is now the number one ICT startup accelerator in Switzerland. The company aims at mentoring and supporting thriving digital entrepreneurs through a three-month accelerator program. During this time the entrepreneurs are given advice on business essentials like product development, marketing, and financial management. The company uses its global networks on behalf of participants. The incubation center was called a factory for two excellent reasons: one, because it was meant to manufacture new companies, and two because the target group of young people would have to work very hard. Mike Baur attributed the immense success of his business to the fact that the founders are fully invested and that the company is free from politics and outside influences.


Baur’s Immense Belief in the Youth

Mike Baur truly believes in hard work. He is fully committed to ensuring the success of the youths in business. However, he says there is a culture of laziness among young people. Thriving goes a long way in taking one’s energy and time. Thankfully, it is rewarding and therefore worth pursuing. Mike Baur applies himself both financially and professionally. He is benevolent, and his role in the company is fundraising and financing.


Things you Might Need to Understand Concerning Swiss Startup Association

Mike Baur is co-founder and director of Swiss Startup Association. The foundation was founded in 2015 with the aim of lobbying for startups. They also sought to provide for a founder friendly environment for startups to thrive regarding legal, regulatory and duty requirements. You cannot also forget about their efforts in social and political awareness of Switzerland startup ecosystem. As it is, Mike and Swiss Startup Association are the voice of startups.

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Litigation and Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck Works In Entertainment Litigation TooUPDATED May 25th, 2017 –  Attorney Karl Heideck recently wrote an article for discussing the recent lawsuit against Wells Fargo by The City of Philadelphia. Read more here.

Litigation is a legal method of settling disputes in court. Most of the disputes revolve around criminal cases, in which businesses or two citizens argue against one another. The process of litigation typically starts the moment a person decide to defend or enforce his or her rights in a legal manner. The parties involve must always be accompanied by an attorney. In this particular situation, the attorney is referred as a litigator. Therefore, an individual who aspires to be a litigator has the option of specializing in issues that relate to personal injuries, contracts, or real estate.

Contact Karl Heideck for help with your case

Contact Karl Heideck

A litigator can also work as a legal assistant or paralegal. Therefore, the career requirement for a litigator is the completion of the Bachelor Degree in Law, earning the Juris Doctor Degree, passing the bar exam, and gaining some job experience. However, experience requirement varies from one employer to the other. Some law firms even employ litigators that have zero years of experience while others prefer the ones that have five years of experience. Essential skills to becoming a good litigator include excellent written and verbal communication, legal research, critical thinking, responsibility, organization, and attention to details.

About Karl Heideck

Mr. Karl Heideck specializes in compliance practices and risk managementMr. Karl Heideck is one of the talented attorneys who specializes in compliance practices and risk management. Heideck is currently based in Philadelphia. He also possesses some exceptional skills in the areas of corporate law, legal writing, commercial litigation, employment law, product liability, and legal research.

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Regarding educational background, Karl Heideck earned his bachelor degree from Swarthmore College. Because of his determination to becoming a registered legislator, Mr. Karl attended Temple University, where he received the Juris Doctor Degree. As an experienced litigator, Mr. Heideck believes that education is one of the steps to becoming an expert in the legal field.



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Jason Hope Seeks Fountain of Youth

Jason hope is Arizona’s most famous internet on entrepreneur. Recently, he has made a large donation to the SENS foundation, a nationally recognized organization specializing in the research of medical conditions that may affect long-term aging.

Hope has long been fascinated with the prospect that modern medicine may someday be able to stanch or even stop aging altogether. Jason Hope figured that, through his donation, he could kill two birds with one stone. Always staying abreast of the current trends in medical research, Hope knew that not only is atherosclerosis the deadliest killer in the United States today, it is also widely believed to be closely related to the chief causes of age-related degenerative illnesses and read full article.

Hope views research into the molecular processes which underlie arthrosclerotic disease to be one of the most fundamentally important areas of pure research in medicine today. Hope says that modern medicine can figure out the the workings of arthrosclerotic disease at the most fundamental molecular level, it will soon be able to resolve such age-related conditions as arthritis, wrinkling skin, glaucoma and even vascular disease, which many physicians view as being related to the progressive organ dysfunction often seen in the geriatric population and Jason’s Youtube.

For its part, the SENS Foundation was very grateful for Hope’s large donation. In a statement, the head of the foundation stated that Hope’s sizable donation will fund four full-time researchers for an entire year. This represents a major contribution to the field of atheroslcerosis research and, hopefully, to finding a cure for the America’s number one killer, heart disease.

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