Tod Lubar, Real Estate Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs always come up with new inventions to fit their niche markets. Most of them borrow ideas from technology and combine it with their entrepreneurial skills. Such can be witnessed in Todd Lubar, an entrepreneur.

Todd has borrowed Technological knowledge to turn around real estate entrepreneurship by introducing a smart home system. This system incorporates homes with smart devices and through them; you are able to monitor and control your home from wherever in the world you could be.

The system provides security to homes as one can be able to see what is happening at their homes and if something unsafe is happening, one is able to immediately report the matter to the relevant authorities. Such systems seemed impossible in the past and only appeared as mere imaginations but Todd Lubar sees them as the future of the past.

As technology changes, the type of entrepreneurs also changes. Entrepreneurs like Todd Lubar are motivated by being recognized and by making the world a better place while young and upcoming entrepreneurs are driven by such motivation. This creates a difference between the young entrepreneurs and the early entrepreneurs. Check out Ideamensch to see more.

Todd Lubar graduated in 1995 with a B.A. in Speech Communication from Syracuse University. He has been in executive leadership in different organizations such as Legendary Investments as the Sr. VP, Legacy Financial group and Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Currently, he is the TDL Global Ventures, LLC president. Check out Inspirery to see more.

With over 25 years working in the real estate industry, Lubar has been ranked among the top originators of mortgage. The secret behind his success in real estate has been his desire to provide comfortable and convenient homes to people and creating more home owners.

Todd is his own source of motivation. He believes that you become what you believe. Bearing this in mind, he keeps pressing on and makes every day a new day to learn a new thing. His open mindedness has helped him to come with unique ideas based on what he learn from others and this way he is able to make real estate a better industry.

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Insightful Facts about Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin has beaten all odds among other ceos due to his impeccable skills in the management sector. Sheldon joined OSI Group industries a couple of years ago and had seen the company improve its operations as well as raise its level of production. The renowned entrepreneur has always been dedicated to bringing out the best in everything he does, and since taking up his current role in the firm, he has always strived to work together with the other employees to ensure that they achieve the goals of the company.

Though many people underestimated Sheldon`s ability in the food industry sector when he joined the OSI Group as an outsider, he has impressed many individuals with his excellent techniques and contributions towards the growth of the firm. Before taking up his current role in the business, Sheldon was formerly a financial and banking expert and had already gained himself an excellent reputation for his recent performance and contributions in the sector. Since joining the firm in the early 1970`s Sheldon has proved to be a great expert in managing the company and the owners of the business have appreciated his contributions towards the growth of the firm. Sheldon helped in the management of the firm`s accounts when it was under the management of Otto and Sons company. He has seen the business grow from a small butchery into a fully established global venture.

Besides the broad range of rules and regulations that most companies have to abide with, Sheldon has tried hard towards ensuring that the firm`s team of employees employ all the strategies to ensure that the business acquires its mission. Sheldon has also considered innovation as part of his life, and throughout his career, he has strived to invent new ideas for the development and establishment of the firm. The strategic plans that Sheldon has brought in the OSI Industries have seen the business establish a vast number of its companies in many countries across the United States as well as many other parts of the Globe.

Currently, the firm has achieved most of its goals and now has over seventy facilities in over twenty countries across the globe. Besides, Sheldon has seen the company create employment to many individuals, particularly the youths in the country. The firm has employed over twenty thousand individuals and helped them improve their living standards. Sheldon`s contributions to the company have also seen his business acquire many awards.

For details:

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Rocketship Education And The Story Of Andre Agassi

Rocketship Education boasts one of the highest nationwide enrollments for being a public charter school. Charter schools, for readers that aren’t in the know, are educational facilities ranging from grades kindergarten to twelfth. The trademark of charter schools is the fact they aren’t required to stick to the demanding rules school boards set out for them. Further, charter schools receive the funding from local and state agencies that other public schools do – the ones that have to listen to the boards of education nearest them – as well as raking in money from private investors.

Having such access to money is a big proponent of Rocketship Education’s success. For example, Andre Agassi helped fund a school in Washington, DC. Although it seems paradoxical, as it’s home to the White House and loads of other big-ticket political figures and buildings, DC is highly poor, full of crime, and lacks good schools for those in low-income areas – the areas where Rocketship Education specifically seeks out.

Agassi had decided to start the Washington, DC, school, as he wasn’t doing very well in the world of tennis, and was feeling depressed. Rather than turn to activities that weren’t healthy for him, Mr. Andre Agassi had decided to help fund the construction of an installment of Rocketship Education. Alongside Robert Turner, a friend of his that is involved in investing, created the Turner-Agassi Charter School Facilities Fund, which helps fund the creation of charter schools across the nation, helping build far more than just the one location that the pair funded in the nation’s capital.

Rocketship Education is composed of roughly twenty schools across the nation. RSED, the acronym for Rocketship Education, was started after co-founder and current President wanted to help people in low-income areas get a better education, rather than falling trap to the generational struggles so many predisposed to such situations found themselves in. Preston Smith and co-founder Mr. John Danner were able to help around thirty schools, of which eighteen are still in operation to this date.

Rocketship Education recently hit its ten-year anniversary, all thanks to the continued support of parents, teachers, and community members.

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Safety In Society With Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies was established in 1986. The company has its main office in Dallas and since it was formed, it has been all about working with inmates to make sure that there is safety in the society. Securus Technologies has affiliated offices in Allen, Atlanta in addition to Carrolton. The company prides itself on the fact that it has successfully managed to serve over 1.3 million prisoners within 40 states. For Securus Technologies, the trick lies in ensuring that there is excellent customer service when dealing with crime suspects and administrations.




Securus Technologies has been leading in its service delivery capabilities. More than anything else, the company has been working hard to ensure that clients enjoy the availability of 24 –hours service docket. Aside from availability, the company has ensured that within two months, there is the launching of a new communications gadget. Securus Technologies has often managed to provide modern gadgets for its clients.


High-tech gadget


Behind the development of high-tech gadgets is a supportive administration that has often succeeded in incorporating the use of the gadgets to fight crime. That is why Securus Technologies was delighted to publish some of the best client feedback within its administration. Most of these clients were elated to have been part of the team that has benefitted from Securus Technologies.


The conclusion


Securus Technologies has often been linked to high-level technological gadgets that have successfully been applied to solve crime. Consistently working with the world’s best software providers to make sure that the gadgets produced are of high quality, the company continues to rank high on the docket. Securus Technologies has over 1,300 associates in the nation. This is a symbol of excellent performance. For the company, it takes one safety gadget to secure a society. Securus continues to present itself as an internationally , recognizable tech support team.

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What you have to know about Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are the two individuals behind the founding of the village voice Media in 1970. It acts as an alternative newspaper that serves Phoenix, Arizona with authentic information that they should not miss up on.

Lacey and Larkin are known to be the first and only journalists to be arrested and detained for what they have written and hyped to their intended audience. Since the founding of the Village Voice Media, it was able to receive its fair share in legal battles. However, the tide flipped in 2001, and the two journalists were arrested for going against the grand jury secrecy laws by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The Case

The case was, however, a stepping stone for the two journalists after their case was dropped by the county attorney, Andrew Thomas.

The dropping of the case made them able to continue their career on a long-term basis except that they had to watch their operation so that they could not` face similar charges.

In retaliation for what had happened, Lacey and Larkin sued Arpaio, Dennis Wilenchik and Thomas for having gone against their first amendment rights and abuse of power. On the contrary, it is found that there was unnecessary to proceed with arrest since Wilenchik did not liaise with the grand jury. Read more: Michael Lacey | Mathalliance and Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

The Settling of the Case

The case was then settled by Maricopa and Lacey, and Larkin received $3.75 million. They used that amount to support the Frontera fund that was intended to support the Hispanic Community of Phoenix.

The Frontera fund would also be used to support the groups which are formed with the aim of advocating for the civil and human rights especially the immigrants. The Frontera fund would also be used to ensure that the freedom of speech is protected so that citizens are not denied their rights.

Lacey and Larkin faced rough moments when trying to advocate for the human rights especially the immigrants. In that manner, they decided to further their primary duty by supporting groups that have the same intention. The Frontera fund has always been there to ensure that people who do not have their voices to fight for their rights are equally represented.

The existence of the Frontera fund has contributed greatly toward protecting the immigrants from facing discrimination by various groups and companies in the US. Through Lacey and Larkin, the immigrants can be sure to lead a comfortable life and carry out their duties on fairgrounds.

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Equties First Holdings UK

Equities First Holdings UK is the best solution for businesses and individual investors to grow. It was established in 2002, and offer a wide range of finances and capital- to help people reach their financial goals. It’s a team of global experts, who have offices in- U.S., Sydney, Hong Kong, Sydney, and Perth.

Equities First Holdings UK specialize in stock-based and margin loans. The stock-based loans are easy to qualify for, but the margin loans require more information and a high-profile portfolio to qualify. It’s a company that take pride in offering financial solutions and business opportunities for businesses and individuals to grow, and more information click here.

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End Citizens United Gears Up To Fight Big Money In Politics

End Citizens United is a grass-roots based Political Action Committee, PAC. Its primary goal is to advocate for election finance reform. This is in response to a 2010 Supreme Court decision in favor of Citizens United. The ruling allowed corporations, special interest groups as well as influential and affluent individuals to spend limitless and untraceable amounts of money on the US elections.

Experts argue that the judgment eroded more than a hundred years of campaign finance reforms. It opened the doors to corruption in the electoral system. Tiffany Muller, the President, is passionate about driving big money out of the US politics. She has rapidly grown the organization to establish global support with more than three million contributing members across the country.

The PAC continues to identify and support candidates advocating for campaign finance reform to enable them to get positions in the House of Representatives. This will allow the organization to elevate the issue of big money in politics to a national priority level.

End Citizens United leverages its grassroots power to energize members and mobilize support for various projects. The average contribution is around $14. In the first year, the PAC raised over $25 million for the 2016 election cycle. The group already had $4 million in the bank by the first quarter of this year. This is from around a hundred thousand members almost half of whom are first-time donors.


goal is to get to the $35 million mark earmarked for the 2018 mid-term elections in the US. This is a far more optimistic target with an even loftier goal of getting more campaign finance reform champions into Congress. The membership, primarily made up of Democrats, is keyed up after the Republican Presidential win. They are gearing up to fight back through contributions.

Tiffany Muller asserts that the group is still finalizing its choice of races to participate in in the 2018 election cycle. The group hopes to overturn the Citizens United decision and effect policy reform that drives big money out of politics and election campaigns. End Citizens United is opposed to big money financing. It does not accept individual donations of more than $5,000.

It employs aggressive grassroots fundraising strategies to tremendous success. It has quickly become one of the leading Democratic-aligned spenders in the elections. The PAC also supports candidates from the Republican Party as well as liberal and independent advocates of election finance reform. This grassroots strategy is also a symbolic demonstration of the people’s political power.

End Citizens United advocates for accountability and transparency in election finance. Untraceable political spending allows big dark money to buy elections. In the spirit of transparency on the political spending scene, the PAC publishes its FEC filings to keep their donors in the loop.

Learn more about End Citizens United:

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Kevin Seawright and his Role in Newark Economic Development Corporation

Kevin Seawright is known for the role on the advisory board of the Babe Ruth Museum as well as a famous coach for the neighborhood in sports. Right now, he lives and works in New Jersey, and is the Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of the Newark Economic Development Corporation, which was founded in 2007 to improve various businesses in Newark, New Jersey.

Kevin Seawright has been announced as the new chief financial officer of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (Newark CEDC), highlighting the focus of the Newark CEDC to attract, retain and grow businesses in the state’s largest city. Kevin Seawright, has a rich background.

The former deputy chief operating officer in the education sector is known for his strategic mind and talent for achieving business goals, creating new opportunities, and his strong leadership, being a veteran when it comes to leading in financial and administrative operations.

For more than 13 years, Kevin Seawright has used his skills and experience in finance to improve the life of communities on the East Coast.

Having worked as the Managing Fiscal Officer in Baltimore’s Commission on Aging and Retirement, he created a new accounting system that was able to save the agency over $100,000 in funds.

From there, he continued to work for the betterment of Baltimore when he was assigned as the Payroll Director of the Housing Authority of the city, and his work for the city didn’t end there.

Crunchbase revealed that Kevin Seawright also became the Finance Director of the Homeless Services Division in the Department of Housing and Community Development. From there, he worked as the Chief Financial and Facilities Officer for the Department of Recreation and Parks.

All of these jobs were before he became the Deputy Chief Operating Officer in the education sector in Baltimore for six years. Finally, the job that he had where he really learned and got an insight into the world of small business and real estate, is where he worked as the strategic partner director for Finance and Human Capital at Tito Contractors in Washington, DC.

Now, Kevin Seawright is bringing all those experiences and skills that he learned from those previous jobs to Newark. His goal is to do in Newark what he did to make the cities of Baltimore and Washington better, and he will do all these through The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation in collaboration with Newark Department of Economic and Housing Development.

All of this is to spur the growth in Newark and sustain economic developments in the community. To add, another great thing that the Newark CEDC does is augmenting small businesses in the city. This in turn, of course, adds more jobs to the community, and more jobs mean more food on the table for families.

Learn more about Kevin:

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Dr. Akhil Reddy Talks About Wines and Dressing

Dr. Akhil Reddy is a dentist by profession and works at MB2 Dental Solutions. His interests in dentistry started when he was still young. He studied Biology dentistry at the University of Pacific. He is the current director of Just Health 510. Dr. Akhil Reddy is also a wine expert dedicated to finding great wines and a dressing stylish. His diversity makes him a classic man.

According to him, Good wines are often expensive. However, there exist excellent wines that are inexpensive and affordable. Wines from France are good and are usually characterized by good taste and amazing scents. Good wine is not about the price at which it sells but the grapes from which it has been extracted from and the fermentation process.

He compiled a list of high-quality wines that sell below $30. At the top of his list is Chateau d’Aiguilhe, Cotes de Bordeaux Castillon which retails at $18. The red wine is fresh and energetic. Chateau d’Aiguilhe has a fruity flavor coupled with floral notes. The second wine is Domaine de Pellehaut, a brand of Chardonnay. The wine goes for $9 and is flavored with vanilla. Chateau Beaumont wine is also featured in Dr. Akhil’s list. The wine is rich in cedar, cassis and violet flavors. A bottle of Chateau Beaumont goes for $11 only. Chateau Beaumont is another good inexpensive wine. The wines have numerous flavors coupled with a mineral taste. It retails at $11 only. The other good wines include Asda Beaujolais which sells at $5, La Parde de Haut-Bailly that retails at $25 and the $10 Domaine Hudelot-Noellat among other wines.
Majority of professionals working in laboratories always required to put on a lab coat. People often find it difficult to choose what clothes to wear with the lab coat. Fortunately, Dr. Akhil proposes some ways to dress to stay fashionable under the white coat.

One way of looking smart in a lab coat is by wearing a shirt and a tie. The combination relays professionalism and is comfortable at the same time. Lab coats also blend well with a pair of jeans and collared shirts. The outfit is stylish and flexible altogether. Dark pants and turtlenecks of any color go well with lab coats. It is important to note that the dress code should be maintained while dressing under the white coat. Dr. Akhil advice people to wear comfortably and sustain personal style.

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OSI Industries’ Secret to Conquering New Markets

OSI Industries is among the leading food processing companies in America. Forbes listed it as the 58th largest private company in America. This came as no surprise as its average annual revenue is $6.1 billion, and it has about 20,000 employees. Its headquarters are in Aurora, Illinois, but it also has several other operations in various parts of the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

Excellent Leadership through the Years

OSI Industries was founded in 1909 – that is over 100 years of excellence and still counting. One thing that OSI prides itself on is its leadership. The leadership of the company has changed severally over the years but their core values remain the same, hence the success of the company despite changing leadership. The company is very good in succession planning, which is what many companies fail to do, leading to failure when leadership changes.

Growth and expansion

OSI has grown through making partnerships with other companies in the food processing industry. This way, they expand their product offering and get to enjoy the companies’ already established markets. Hence, market penetration is much easier. One of its most recent acquisitions was Flagship Europe in December 2016. Flagship Europe is well established in the UK food processing market. It also operates in the food-to-go sector through its subsidiary, Calder Foods. This has given OSI Industries access to the UK processed foods and food-to-go markets.

Such strategic partnerships have been a major driving force in the growth and expansion of OSI. When they form partnerships with other companies, they give them some level of independence to avoid losing clients due to drastic changes in the mode of business operations. Additionally, the partnerships also give the partner companies access to OSI’s market, and it is always a win for everyone involved.


It is clear that OSI means business. The company has been growing at an exponential rate over the last few decades. Even with all its achievements and all the new markets it has conquered, the company is still focused on growth and expansion to more markets all over the world because of the growing demand for its products.

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